It’s a world of free money, lovely ladies, and increased manhood.

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Here is how they changed me

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You can be profane without seeming vulgar

Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst

How I bungled a meet-cute with a future Hollywood star.

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Are you in danger of being ghosted?

Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay
  1. His afterlife glow seems a little too glowy lately. Why so luminous, mister?
  2. You notice him liking a lot photos of a mysterious ghoul on Instaghost. Who is this strumpet and does she own a sheet in an adult size?
  3. He suddenly decides to cut back on his nightly glass of spirits because he wants to get in better shape. Wait, there’s more than one?!?
  4. Last night he broke out some new scare tactics in bed, which felt amazing, but where the hell did he learn those moves?
  5. Rumors are circulating he was seen with a skinny banshee at Macabre

My dog and my wife take all the covers.

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He might not have been a good man, but he’s a great story.

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Especially when I saw them stuff contempt into their carry-on.

Image by Danilo Bueno from Pixabay
  • How do we prepare to be jettisoned through the air while crammed into a metal tube?
  • What possessions do we deem important enough to carry with us?
  • Can we love someone at take-off and hate them by the time we land?

You can debate nature vs nurture but I blame the Smurfs.

Image by priscilabraido from Pixabay

We’re like Montagues and Capulets, if one of them was anti-vax.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Brian Abbey

expat, ex-philosopher, ex-entrepreneur writing on society, relationships, & AI singularities. VICE, Salon, & misc humor sites @brianabbey

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