Ah, if we'd met sooner, we could have co-written this piece. I'm actually fascinated by the design someone likes you put into the layout. The best ones do evidence strategic consideration.

There is also strategic thinking evident in the offerings. I've done catering and fixed price popups, and putting out a lot of food all at once takes planning.

I was a bit harsh on the buffet and you're right, they can be more sanitary than a kitchen that no one sees. My only caveat being, if they aren't' self-serve.

The inspiration for this rant, slightly angry rant, was during my last trip I watched a guy get so much food, he couldn't sit with his family at their table. He went off by himself because all his plates wouldn't fit. The gluttony is predictable but still appalling.

Fascinating feedback, Kevin. Thanks for that!

expat, ex-philosopher, ex-entrepreneur writing on society, relationships, & AI singularities. VICE, Salon, & misc humor sites @brianabbey brianabbeywriter.com

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