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  • Barb Dalton πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

    Barb Dalton πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

    Mother. Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. Top writer in Photography, Nursing, Globetrotters, 6-Word Photo Stories and The Daily Cuppa.

  • Chrystal Aleshia

    Chrystal Aleshia

    Pansexual pole dancer and photographer with unique stories to tell.

  • Marcus113, aka Marc Dauphin, MSM, CD, MD.

    Marcus113, aka Marc Dauphin, MSM, CD, MD.

    Retired ER Doc, Afghanistan veteran, granddad, novelist, artist, and wannabe philosopher.

  • Carole Guevin

    Carole Guevin

    Culture creator / writer / creative activist / curator / art explorer / geek / songwriter. Showcasing the creative culture.

  • Lynda Wallis

    Lynda Wallis

    Deeply rooted in the mid west, I write about little things β€” everything is a little thing-art, the creative process, the natural world, and love.

  • Kit Desjacques

    Kit Desjacques

    American who moved to France for love. Reader, writer. Interested in healthcare, politics, law, crossing cultures β€” and beautiful gardens.

  • Rebecca Lea Morris

    Rebecca Lea Morris

    Math, science, technology, history & philosophy. Homepage: https://rebeccaleamorris.com

  • Finland Expat

    Finland Expat

    An expat embracing Nordic life in Northern Finland. A certified hustler and self-publisher. I spontaneously bore people with my side hustle and travel stories.

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