I agree with everything you said but I wonder whether our system is too broken. We desperately need more parties and more options but are we too entrenched in the two-party system to risk siphoning off support to a burgeoning new third party? How many election cycles would we need to burn through to establish a politically viable third party? Would I be willing to endure another eight years of right wing candidates winning offices while we ramped up the Unity Party? Maybe but that could be a high cost.

I wonder whether we need to address the electoral system before we could have viable third parties. Maybe we move to a top-two or top-three primary system and do away with the Electoral College in national elections?

I think we need more options and I like your idea. I hope I don’t sound too cynical but I have concerns about how we get something new off the ground.

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writer (hack) entrepreneur (unemployable) expat (immigrant) philosopher (unemployable hack) humorist (who says that?)

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