I think you're absolutely correct because when we start using phrases such as 'systemic racism' we are talking about something more than a few bad apples. People are okay with thinking there's just one bad cop here and another there but become uncomfortable when you suggest that racism pervades the police force and then they go into denial when you start pointing out how it's woven into the fabric of our society.

It's the same with the Me Too movement and sexism/misogyny. We're okay looking at the problem as isolated incidents but as we peel back layers we see these prejudices/bad behaviours are so a part of our culture we no longer notice them and even rush to defend them.

Sorry for such a long reply. I've just sat down for my morning coffee and I like your comment. A lot of people leave mindless comments but yours was thoughtful.

Thanks for that, Ioana!

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writer (hack) entrepreneur (unemployable) expat (immigrant) philosopher (unemployable hack) humorist (who says that?)

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