President Trump Is Getting Husbands Back to Work and Wives Back to 1954

Just in time for them to make dinner for their breadwinners.

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Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Hello Ladies of America,

In case you’ve yet to hear the big news, US President Donald J. Trump has promised to get your husbands back to work! Breathe a deep sigh of relief America, President Don is on the job! Not only will there be baked Alaska on your dinner table once again, but with your handsome husband back at the office, you can get back to being a proper housewife.

It’s time to return to normalcy, ladies. While your husband is out bringing home the bacon, break out your nifty, new Hoover Constellation vacuum and clean that carpet! Make sure to check your make-up and brush your hair before Prince Charming’s chariot arrives back at his castle, and have his Scotch and slippers ready at the door. It’s been a long day of breadwinning for your man, but doesn’t he look dapper in that suit?

You might even surprise him with a premium Swanson Frozen Turkey dinner from the supermarket. After you pick up the kids from school, go ahead and make that Jello salad your man loves. He’s putting extra cash in your purse, so why not slip on your apron and bake your world-famous chiffon cake too? Nothing is too good for that man of yours!

And when it comes to getting America on the right track, the fairer sex has her part as well. A family requires more than a man and his wife. You must be a homemaker too! Whether that means raising his children or ensuring his home is a clean and cozy place to unwind after a hard day, do your best to keep the family content. Take one of your little pills and put on a smile. A happy husband and well-mannered children make for a happy marriage.

So ladies, don’t forget to give a big thanks to President Trump today. Our fearless leader is putting your husband back to work and you back in the kitchen where you can start to Bake America Great Again!

The best news is, once your husband tells you how to vote, you can have four more years of Donald J. Trump. (Isn’t he dreamy?)

Golly gee, life is sure swell!

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