Restart AmericaOS: Update Available!

You’re still running Trump1820 and will incur a loss of services from November 3rd.

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

Updates are available for your democracy! There’s a new version of AmericaOS available, JoeKamala. Do you want to restart now or wait until your operating system crashes in a slow motion train wreck of plutocracy and retrograde policies?

You could be enjoying the latest technologies and refinements to your favorite apps such as Economy US, ERA2020, Environmental TickTock, Global Leadership Messenger, and Healthcraft if you Upgrade today. Some of these apps may not be compatible with AmericaOS after November 3rd. Click here to begin your Upgrade now.

Urgent! Your system is infected with three viruses! We found 2 traces of malware: OrangeMenace and Россия45 and 1 trace of phishing QAnon. Immediate removal of viruses is required to prevent loss of Apps, loss of Fair Elections, and loss of Reality.

By Upgrading to JoeKamala, you will receive our industry-leading anti-virus, Joe Vision. In addition to world-class anti-virus protection, JoeKamala offers new features inspired by powerful leadership and designed for everyone. Stay better focused on your work and family life in Non-Chaos Mode. Automatically qualify for healthcare with ACA Protection. (It’s a big, fucking deal.) Take more of your paycheck home with REAL Middle-Class Tax Cuts installed. Discover even more productivity and life enhancements in our WDC store. Now you can get even more out of every representative.

We’ve also noticed you currently have Checks-n-Balances disabled. We recommend keeping them on at all times. Please check your System Preferences and enable Checks-n-Balances.

Critical error detected! Your AmericaOS has an unsupported version of USGov installed. To meet minimum security requirements, older versions of USGov, including Trump1820, will need to be deleted by popular vote and electoral victory. After November 3, 2020, this should be done automatically, but automatic updates are non-system compliant. You’ll have to Upgrade to JoeKamala on your own, user. You will be prompted to Upgrade as soon as your Trump1820 uninstall is complete.

Warning! Your processing speed is being slowed by outdated technology. Errors found in Election2016 have not been corrected! Your JoeKamala update may not currently be available. Please ensure the following plugins have been Updated: FL2020, NC2020, PA2020, WI2020.

Jeepers! The Economic Timeout and Recovery value is configured too low! This may cause fatal errors in apps such as Economy US and Healthcraft. Do you want to fix this issue now? Please note you need to restart AmericaOS after Upgrading to JoeKamala.

Dude! Why haven’t you started your Upgrade? Your OS is failing! The machine is crashing! Please consider backing up all critical files to a secondary location, perhaps CanadaOS or MexicoOS. The Red, White, and Blue screen of death appears imminent. We’re going to have to do a hard reboot! You need to hold the power button down for several seconds. YOU HOLD THE POWER NOW!

This machine will restart in 13 days. Please save everything worth saving.

JoeKamala 11.3.20 introduces better Health, Governance, Energy Policy, and System Equality to all AmericaOS users. The update also improves the stability, reliability, and security of the American machine.

Upgrade is free with this offer. Offer expires in 13 days!

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